Lanzamiento Initiative

In 2020, SRJC was awarded a grant to establish the Lanzamiento Initiative, which is designed to strengthen and enhance the academic pipeline of Latinx and low-income students by increasing access to college programs, improving course completion and success rates, and increasing transfer, degree completion, and/or certificate completion in the targeted population. Lanzamiento is a strategic, research-based, and best practice response to systemic challenges and opportunities.

Grant activities are crafted to increase the percentage of Latinx low-income students completing transfer-level math and English in their first academic year, rates of earning “A” grades, course completion rates, and transfer rates. Building on the strong academic programs already in place, Lanzamiento focuses its efforts on embedded and aligned learning support resources through integrated tutoring, peer coaching, and library support in Lanzamiento designated sections.

Lanzamiento—Together we launch!


  • What is the Lanzamiento Initiative?

    The Lanzamiento initiative is designed to support academic achievement among Latinx and first generation college students.  Cultural aspects reflect themes of bilingualism, transnational experiences, immigrant communities, Latinx authorship, academic scholarship, and activism.    

    The Lanzamiento initiative offers high-demand courses in core disciplines: English, math, social sciences, humanities, and others.

    Students who enroll in Lanzamiento course sections have dedicated resources available to them: academic counseling, peer tutoring and success coaching, library support, mental health services, financial aid workshops, and opportunities to learn about transferring to a four-year university.

    Instructors who teach Lanzamiento sections join together as a team of practitioners and they often meet to devise ways of enhancing teaching and learning.

  • Who is eligible to join the Lanzamiento Initiative?

    While the Lanzamiento initiative is geared toward a target student population of Latinx and first-generation College students, any student who is interested in joining the Lanzamiento initiative and becoming part of this community of learners is welcomed to join.

  • How do I join the Lanzamiento Initiative? 

    If you are interested in joining the Lanzamiento initiative, simply register for any open Lanzamiento section during your registration time.  Once you are enrolled in a Lanzamiento course section and the course begins, you will learn more about how to access dedicated services and resources. 

    This is the full list of Lanzamiento sections for Spring 2024.

  • Contact Information

    If you would like to learn more about the Lanzamiento initiative, click here.

    You can also contact Dean Cathy Prince or Professor Laura Larqué for other inquiries.