Lanzamiento Communities of Practice Spring 2024

A Lynching in New Orleans
The Contagion of Violence in the American South

The perception of Italian immigrants in the American South changed over the last few decades of the nineteenth century. Initially they were welcomed as hard-working members of a growing and increasingly  successful agricultural society. As they established their community in Louisiana, they became singled out as more problematic because of their deep ties to Italy – over 50% of Italian immigrants in the period made their way back to Italy – and their relative success as an immigrant group. When the elites of New Orleans could not assert control over the Italians in the way they had been able to with African  Americans, they began to assume their successes were the result of criminality. The Southern variety of violence toward African Americans and their so-called,“carpetbagger” allies spilled over into other ethnic
groups, including Italians. In the same way that US, ideas of freedom and liberty were predicated on concepts of white domination over other racial groups, anti-reconstruction violence and indeed reunion-style nationalism, enabled and encouraged vigilante violence. In fact, the association of Italians with agricultural labor tethered them to antireconstruction notions of anti-black racism.

Date: April 17, 2024
Time: 12:00 -1:30pm
Zoom link:

Inca Mathematics and Inca History

Mathematics Professor Salvador Rico will discuss the historical background of the numerical system used by the Incas and how it was related to the structure of their society. In particular, he will describe the quipu, a tool that the Incas used for counting.
History Professor Laura Larque will discuss the Inca history from their emergence near Lake Titicaca, to the establishment of a mighty empire that expanded through of most South America.

April 19, 2024
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
oom Link:

Andean & Egyptian Burial Practices

Unwrapping the Many Meanings of Mummification: A Cross-Comparative Look at Ancient Burial Practices in Egypt and the Andes In this COP, Drs. Saleh and Slovak will examine the role of mummification among ancient Egyptian and Andean peoples. Attendees will learn about the natural and cultural factors involved in the mummification process in both regions and explore the complex cultural significances of mummification across space and time. This COP will consider how life and death intersected in these past societies in ways that may be both familiar and foreign to COP participants.

Date April 22, 2024
Time: 1pm-3pm
Place: Newman Auditorium

Liquid All?
Liquid Syllabus, Liquid Margins & Liquid ePortfolios

This workshop, tailored for SRJC faculty members, aims to delve into equitable teaching methodologies and fostering a more humane approach to course design. Through the utilization of liquid syllabi, liquid margins (via, and liquid ePortfolios, participants will explore innovative ways to enhance their teaching practices. Led by Dr. Pürnur Özbirinci from the English Department, this session will be held in a computer lab, providing attendees with hands-on opportunities to refine their courses. We invite you to join us for a four-hour workshop as we delve into the realm of Liquid All.

Date: May 3, 2023Time:
12:00-4:00 pm
Place: EMERITUS 1628